30 Before 30

After a very long, dreaded self-discussion, I've finally given in and decided to do this "30 Before 30" blog. I first came across it on my friend Carissa's blog, and then again and again on others.

I'm really hoping this will help keep my messy life on track a little better. It seems as though lately I can't figure out which way is up. Which, is definitely NOT a good thing. And maybe this will help me reach my dreams.

1. Get married.
2. Buy a house.
3. Graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree from The Art Institute of Phoenix.
4. Get a job as an Executive Chef.
5. Go on my first hunting trip.
6. Publish some of my songs and covers on YouTube for the world to see.
7. Go to a Miranda Lambert concert.
8. Organize my finances and pay my bills early.
9. Regularly go to church. On Sundays.
10. Open my own country-style bar and grill.
11. Take family pictures every year.
12. Call my distant family more often.
13. Spend more time with the family I have here.
14. Go fishing at least once a month.
15. Lose 40 to 50 pounds by the end of 2013.
16. Shop (and eat) healthier for Matt and myself.
17. Stop eating fast food and drinking soda.
18. Go for a long bike ride at least once a week from now on.
19. Get a dog.
20. Get a newer XTerra.
21. Take better care of myself.
22. Cry a little less, laugh a little more.
23. Read more books.
24. Travel the United States. (Ok...so maybe within 20 years...)
25. Keep my house clean for more than a week.
26. Go hiking and camping more.
27. Learn to say no.
28. Buy a new laptop and desktop computer.
29. Get braces.
30. Make weekly chiropractor appointments.


  1. Awesome job on the 30 before 30! Kind of a fun thing to put together right?!