Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Friendships Through Life

It truly is funny the way things work themselves out...or don't.

I've had a recent mishap in a friendship over what I've just come to know as being absolutely rediculous. All I could do when I found out about it was laugh and say, "Well that's your loss then!" out loud in my apartment bedroom. I had to share this with you.

Let me start with a little backstory. When I was a sophomore, I met this girl who was a junior at the time. Her name is Chelsea. We got along great, as we've had the same attitude toward people and their drama ever since then. She lived in the same apartment complex as my mom and I, which just happened to be right across the street from our high school. We'd always wait in the courtyard for one another and walk to school, where we would hang out together in the quad before school and at lunch. After she graduated high school, she moved to Arizona. We kept in contact for a little bit longer, then somehow lost touch. When I moved to Arizona a year and a half later, we got into contact again and started hanging out ALL the time. We became best friends.

A little over a month ago, just after Matt had gone away on his little Army retreat (though we could hardly call it so), I was still working my graveyard shift job as a cook at Denny's. I had come home early in the morning, as I always did after each shift. But that day I knew Chelsea and I had plans that were early enough that I wouldn't be awake. So I stayed up. I kept myself company with the TV, laundry, and a nice long cold shower (Amazing!) until we finally went on our way. I don't remember where we went that day, but I remember that we had fun. We had come back to the apartments (she lives in the same apartment complex as Matt and I do), even though I was feeling tired, I accepted her invitation to come back and hang out for a little bit at her house. So we walked up there and plopped down on the couch. By this point, I had been up for 36 hours and was absolutely exhausted. She had asked if I was hungry and I replied with a "Well, kinda..." She might have taken that as a yes, but I know that she was hungry too, so regardless it didn't even matter. I had ended up falling asleep on the couch shortly after she had started making this one-step meal. She woke me up after she had finished, handed me a bowl of it, and I started to eat. I could only manage to take a few bites of it before I was full. As I said before, I wasn't really all that hungry. She then replied, "It's ok, I can just put it in a tupperware and save it for later." Ok, cool. Not a problem. I stayed there a little bit longer, struggling and fighting with myself to stay awake. I succeeded for about 10 minutes, then my subconcious took over and I started nodding off. After a few minutes of that, I looked over to her and said exactly this: "I'm really, really sorry but I should probably go home and go to sleep. I keep nodding off and I don't want to intrude on your dad's bed." Her dad sleeps on the couch, as there's no extra room for him. She told me that she understood, got up walked me to the door, and locked it behind me. I went home and went to sleep thinking absolutely nothing about the situation that had just occurred.

So, for the past like...three weeks or so, Chelsea has been acting really strange toward me. I'd text her, and she wouldn't text back. She deleted me as a friend on Facebook (Oooo because that's so important, right?), and has been giving me the silent treatment, really. So, yeah it kinda tore at me. I mean come on; you're friends with someone, you go on vacation, you come home and that person just all of a sudden stops talking to you? Yeah....no. I couldn't figure out why she was acting the way she was. I kept texting her and asking her, and was gaining zero ground. So, as a last attempt, I asked her via Facebook message yesterday. This is what I sent her: "Ok seriously...what is it that I did wrong...?" For a long time I recieved no response, so I sort of let it go and went to bed.

This morning, I noticed I had some notifications via my fancy iPhone. One of those notifications was a message in response from Chelsea. This is, and I quote, her exact response to me:
"Honestly I just don't feel like dealing with you shit right now. After the last time we hung out I was pissed. I dropped everything I was doing to hang out with you. You came over, sat on yhe couch, I gave you great hospitality, and cooked a meal I didn't even want to cook. You feel asleep and then said you weren't hungry anymore and went home after only a hour if hanging out. In my book that is a shitty friend move. And I am done with shitty people."


Ok so after reading this, I start cracking up. This is why she's been mad at me!? This happened over a month ago! Of course I'm not mad or upset about this anymore. Obviously this is just a sad miscommunication happening that will probably never be resolved. At this point, I don't care. It's too funny to care about. I replied to her, apologizing for this once again and I've still recieved no response from her. Oh well. Life goes on, right? I deserve to be happy and have good friends that respect me and my lifestyle. If this petty excuse is her reason to be mad at me, then I say let her be mad. I'm closing this chapter and starting a new one.

I hope y'all found this as funny as I did. I had to share.
Be true to yourself and never let anyone take that away.

Life is beautiful <3

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