Friday, March 23, 2012

That Awkward Moment When...

Ok, so I started a new job about a week ago, and so far it's going great! I'm getting MUCH better hours than I was while working for my previous company. Not to mention the pay is better as well. My trainer is very good at explaining things to me so I can understand them (I have my slow moments...) and I have another person who helps me out along the way if I need extra help. The catch? I'm the only woman in a kitchen full of men. See, but this isn't what bothers me. The majority of my friends are guys anyway. What bothers me is the fact that nobody laughs at my attempts at jokes, when I start to talk about something I get cut off or they let me finish and don't listen to what I have to say at all, or they just ignore me all together. And when you're the new person, attempting to make an order that you have no idea how to make, and nobody will listen to you....yeah. That gets to be a little intimidating. I'm sure we've all been there at some point.

Even worse is the fact that these guys have all been there since the restaurant opened a year ago. I mean that's great for their experience, and I wish I would have known about the company when they opened too...but when you have a group of guys that are all doing the same job and are all around the same age, a bonding is inevitable. I've also noticed that men have a harder time accepting change and letting someone into the "friendship circle." Which makes me feel a liiiiitle bit like the third wheel. know that awkward moment when you're the third wheel?

Yeah...that's me.

Life is beautiful <3

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